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Automatically do 301 redirects for permalink changes:
Home Title:
Home Description:
Home Keywords (comma separated):
Canonical URLs:
Rewrite Titles:
Post Title Format:
Page Title Format:
Category Title Format:
Custom Taxonomy Title Format:
Archive Title Format:
Tag Title Format:
Search Title Format:
Description Format:
404 Title Format:
Paged Format:
Use Categories for META keywords:
Use noindex for Categories:
Use noindex for Date based Archives:
Use Tags for META keywords:
Use noindex for Tag Archives:
Use noindex for comment pages of posts(Introduced in wordpress 2.7):
Use noindex for comments RSS feeds:
Use noindex for all RSS feeds:
Use noindex for Search result pages on the site:
Use noindex for sub pages:
Use noindex for author archives:
Add noodp meta tag:
Add noydir meta tag:
nofollow category listings on pages:
nofollow category listings on posts:
nofollow archive listings on pages:
nofollow archive listings on posts:
nofollow external links on front page:
nofollow login and registration links:
nofollow links to tag pages:
Autogenerate Descriptions:
Additional Post Headers:
Additional Page Headers:
Additional Home Headers:
Log important events:
Link To Platinum SEO:

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